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Accounting Outsourcing Center (AOC) 

What do we do and what is AOC?

AOC is a center of accounting and payroll services (outsourcing) dedicated to medium and large companies, large polish accounting offices as well as international and / or network law and tax offices and their Customers which already operate in Poland. We also assist foreign companies to set up and run a business in Poland. 

Who is AOC for?

  • For medium and large companies that need temporary replacement to their accounting department and / or payroll department.

  • For medium and large companies willing to transfer accounting and payroll services to the outside.

  • For large accounting offices with a shortage of hands to work.

  • For large, international law and tax offices that need accounting and / or payroll services for their clients in Poland.

  • For those who want to set up and run business in Poland and need financial, accounting and legal support in this process.

  • For all those who need accounting services in foreign languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish.

  • For all those who want to rationalize the costs of accounting and payrolls.

Accounting Outsourcing Center (AOC)

How do we work?

  • ​in most cases, our accountants work remotely,

  • sometimes we work in a hybrid variant (e.g. 2 days at the customer's office, 3 days remotely),

  • we rarely delegate accountants to work directly in the client's office,

  • we work on our own licenses of accounting programs, but often also on clients' accounting programs (we are familiar with all the most popular accounting programs in Poland),

  • we usually use a task-based work system, i.e. we are rewarded for the tasks completed, not for the time spent in the office,

  • in the case of cooperation with accounting offices, our accountants work in 2 models: direct contact with the client of the office or work for a client manager (without contact with the client).

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

  1. For safety - we are professionals who have been dealing with accounting for over 20 years. We know this job. Additionally, we have a third party liability policy with a high sum insured.

  2. To rationalize costs - we all know how much it costs the employer to keep an employee under an employment contract. Employees are also becoming aware of it more and more ;-)

  3. For continuous work - uninterrupted by holidays, sickness and other reasons.

  4. For comprehensiveness - apart from AOC, we can also provide a number of other services to our clients, managers or business owners. More here.

How to start cooperation and how much does it cost?

  • The first step is always to talk about what you really need.

  • After this conversation, we will find out if you need us. If you decide so, we will prepare a quote for our services for you.

  • And if it is satisfactory for you, we will sign a contract and start cooperation.


Interested in? Below are details for direct contact and conversation about your needs. Let's talk. 


Rafał Jankowski

Founder & Co-Owner Cafe Finance Group

Are you looking for good accounting services for your business? Or maybe you are an accountant and want to cooperate with us? Feel free to contact me directly. 

Without breaking through the secretary and sales assistants ;-)


+48 695 99 66 13


If you prefer contact by social media

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